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Residential Property Management in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

We are a boutique property management company that specializes in Multi-Family, Single Family Home and Short Term Rental management.

Protect your investment, maximize profitability, free up your time


Property Management


Discover Our Services

Routine Property and Unit Inspections

Our property managers make sure your property is free of hazards and damage with regular inspections throughout the year. Preventative maintenance is a key priority of ours.

Preventative and Routine Maintenance

We use dedicated, professional maintenance vendors who are licensed, experienced and are available 24/7 to solve the issues that your tenant experiences with your property.

Leasing and Marketing

Arbor Residential excels in all aspects of the leasing process to make sure we have the ideal exposure in a very competitive rental market. We use continuous diligence to price our units appropriatly and stay on top of the rental market.

Tenant Screening

We simply do not want to rent your investment property to tenants who we would not put into our own properties! Our thorough 14-step tenant screening process identifies the best tenants for your property.

Rent Collection

We make rent collection a top priority of ours. Arbor maintains multiple income channels to collect rent in both efficient and cost effective ways. We can customize our rent collection systems for your properties or tenants.

Effective Tenant Communication

Arbor Residential excels in making sure our tenants are properly cared for and that they have access to consistent and effective communication with our managers. Our tenants and owners can contact us 24/7/365.

Online Portal

Review every aspect of your rental investment, including reports on your property’s rental income, maintenance work, leasing, renewals, inspections and contact our team.

Arbor Residential excels in all aspects of the investment market, including analysis, underwriting, marketing, negotiating and financing, to ensure our clients maximum value.

Investment Services

Is Possible

Better Management for Your Multi-Family

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Pinecrest Ridge - Fort Lauderdale

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The Palm Villas - Lake Worth Beach


Highpoint Apartments - West Palm Beach

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Meet The Arbor Team


Max Granofsky is the President and CEO of Arbor Residential, a real estate management and investment company focused on efficiently managing multi-family apartments in the South Florida Market. Max holds a Masters Degree in Real Estate Development and Management. 

Michael Hodgdon is a the Vice President of Operations at Arbor Residential. Michael graduated from Florida State University with a background in accounting. Michael assists the Arbor team with multi-family acquisitions, dispositions and brokerage. Michael has a great reputation for his detailed approach when it comes to real estate investment analysis.

Joanne Luckman is the Director of Leasing at Arbor Residential. Joanne assists our leasing team with the many important efforts of effectively sourcing, qualifying and placing tenants at our properties. Joanne has a great reputation for putting our clients first.

Max Granofsky - President

Joanne Luckman - Director of Leasing

Michael Hodgdon - Vice President of Operations


Taylor Uston is the Senior Property Manager of Arbor Residential. Taylor has an extensive background in property management for retail and multi-family properties in South Florida. Taylor prides himself in his attention to detail and his ability to efficiently create value for both our clients and properties.


Emily Luckman is the Operations Manager of Arbor Residential. She plays an integral role in day to day operations of our management company. Emily brings a creative mindset to the team and has allowed us analyze and improve our organizational processes while improving efficiency across all of our properties. 

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Will Jeffers, a Managing Partner of Arbor Residential, graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s in Finance and previously worked with a General Contractor overseeing custom builds and renovations. Will is able to assist our team and his clients with multifamily acquisitions, underwriting, and development.

Emily Luckman - Operations Manager

Taylor Uston - Senior Property Manager

Will Jeffers - Managing Partner

Proud Members of:

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What Our Clients Say

"Arbor Residential is a tremendous asset to our multi-family business. They are professional, knowledgeable, effective and always accessible"

Avenue S Realty Group

"Arbor Residential provides our company a peace of mind for both full service management and the  sales of our  commercial properties"


"We have been using Arbor Residential for three years and we are very pleased with their service. They are very responsive and handle all day to day operations efficiently" 

Paul & Susan Taylor

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455 NE 5th Ave. Suite D-407

Delray Beach, FL 33483

"I self managed a 65 unit apartment complex for 10 years. Using Arbor Residential as a manager has been one of the best decisions of my professional life, I should have done it earlier. The property is performing better and that has freed up my time to allow me to focus on other investments"


Mark Tressel - Harbor Properties LLC

Tel: (561) 358-7181


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